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Do you have a special place that you'd like painted? I'm the guy who can do it for you at affordable prices.  Below are the available sizes. I'm able to work with you and paint your dream location.  I can replicate anything and make the desired size that you are looking for.
        Mathew Dault

Painting Sizes

Here are some example sizes available with size perspective. If you are looking for a different dimensions please contact me. 

Handmade Frames

Do you need a frame for your commissioned painting? We are able to custom make beautiful frames of your liking. Below are some examples of the frames that my father and I hand built. ​When ordering a painting you can also choose to purchase a frame or frame it yourself. Depending on size our custom frames start at $50.

  • Our frames are made from grade A materials. 

  • The painting will be ready to hang up with secure wall hangers. 

  • We are able to work with you and do whatever you would like done. 

Shipping & Handling

Shipping can be a little worrisome for the customers. We work really close with the customer to make sure that the painting is shipped properly and delivered in a timely manner. Shipping is a flat rate of 25$ in states of Michigan and Wisconsin and 50$ out of state. I ship to all fifty states. 

All paintings are shipped with bubble wrap and a foam cushion surround. We make our own boxes to make sure that the paintings are snug and have no wiggle room.

  • Paintings take 5-7 days to get to your house

  • Paintings are shipped via Fed Ex.

  • Tracking numbers will be provided when shipped out

  • Payments  can be either Venmo, Check or Cash 

Additional Resources

View a gallery of my previous works. This can give you an idea of your commissioned painting!

See what other customers are saying about their commissioned works.

View previous commissions for happy customers and businesses that cover a range of projects, from personal paintings to corporate murals.

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